What is an Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon?

Golpar: First thing I remember, I just heard an impact.  I didn’t even know I got hit.  I felt the car rolling and next thing I know I was laying on the dashboard of the SUV.  I was looking straight at the windshield, and I knew I was going to go through it.

Narrator: One night in November, Golpar Gotti’s SUV was struck from behind.  She was thrown through the windshield and hit the pavement of a busy Chicago expressway face-first.  Golpar had multiple fractures in her skull, cheekbone, and jaw.  Her eye sockets were shattered.  Bone fragments had penetrated her brain.

Is it time to replace my dentures?

People who wear dentures usually find that their fit deteriorates over time. When the teeth have been extracted or have fallen out, as is the case with denture wearers, the jaw bone no longer can rely on the teeth’s roots as structural anchors to stimulate it.  As a result, that bone erodes, altering the shape…

The latest options for an anxiety-free dental experience

Many patients who have qualms about their routine dental appointments grow even more anxious when facing a complex surgery. Fortunately, Dr. Steven A Koos, an oral surgeon and sedation dentist serving Chicago, can ease these patients’ minds by offering them a worry-free dental experience. Using sedation dentistry, Dr. Koos will administer a medication—typically a benzodiazepine—that…