health-migraineThe pathophysiology of migraine is a condition of abnormal responses to normal sensory inputs. Current therapeutic modalities for migraine simply stipulate this fact, and embark on altering the nature of neurotransmitter activity, either preceding the event (preventive medications), or during the event (abortive or “rescue” drugs).

What has been generally overlooked is the etiology/cause of the abnormality of the sensory modulation. Namely, how it got that way and how it stays that way. Let the doctors at ORA® treat the cause of many migraine attacks and evaluate you for the revolutionary NTI device. The NTI device (Nociceptive Trigeminal Inhibition), has been fully approved by the FDA for the prevention of medically diagnosed migraine pain and temporomandibular disorders. In fact amazingly, 82% of migraine patients reported a 77% average reduction of migraine events within the first eight weeks of use. In addition, the duration and intensity of migraine attacks were similarly reduced.

For more detailed information on migraine attacks and rationale for a targeted approach of prevention please see the Pathophysiolgy of Migraine.