Oral Surgeon in Chicago Loop Receives Making Medicine Mercury Free Award

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Dr. Koos and his accomplishments with eliminating Mercury from the healthcare arena were featured in this leading magazine.

Dr. Steven A. Koos, D.D.S., M.D., an oral surgeon and implant dentist in Chicagoland owner of ORA® Oral Surgery & Implant Studio®, was recently awarded the Making Medicine Mercury Free award by the national organization, Practice Greenhealth. The organization is comprised of member health care professionals and facilities committed to environmentally responsible practices and operations. ORA® was bestowed with the award during CleanMed, an annual global conference that draws over 600 health care professionals dedicated to the advancement of environmentally sustainable health care.

Awards are presented during the CleanMed conference each year as a way to acknowledge organizations that are leading the way in sustainable and environmentally responsible health care practices. The Making Medicine Mercury Free award is specifically designed to recognize health care facilities that have made a commitment to eliminate the use of mercury in their practice, a harmful chemical commonly utilized within the health care industry. The Chicago Loop Oral surgery practice is the first dental facility to ever receive the award.

“Reducing the environmental footprint involves the elimination of contaminants and pollutants one by one,” explains Practice Greenhealth’s Executive Director, Bob Jarboe. “Until recently, mercury was an integral part of health care operations. Now the Making Medicine Mercury-Free Award recognizes the determination to reduce the health and environmental impacts associated with the use of mercury in every healthcare facility.”

Dr. Koos and his Chicago Oral surgery practice have been pioneers in the push towards more environmentally responsible health care practices within the dental industry. “Being both mercury-free and also BPA-free are essential aspects of practicing eco-friendly dentistry® and we hope that the entire dental industry will eventually join our efforts” states Dr. Koos, founder of ORA® Oral Surgery & Implant Studio. “We conscientiously employ the precautionary principle within all of our patient care modalities, and to be nationally recognized for eliminating mercury within all of our dental practices further solidifies our stance.” Steven Koos D.D.S., M.D., also ORA®‘s Director of Environmental Affairs further adds, “This award, along with our partnership with the World Health Organization in their global Mercury-free Healthcare campaign, are a demonstration of the commitment we have to the health of our patients and the environment.”

Aside from virtually eliminating the existence of mercury within his dental facilities, Dr. Koos has also established his Oral surgery practice in the Chicago loop area with an eye towards sustainability. His offices are situated in a rehabbed building and the construction and design of his practice followed LEED guidelines. From the materials used in the design of the patient waiting area to the technologies and practices utilized by his staff, Dr. Koos is dedicated to creating an eco-friendly dental environment that is both patient centered and focused on excellence.

Dr. Steven Koos offers numerous services in his Oral surgery practice, including wisdom teeth removal, dental implants (including All on Four implants), dentures, and jaw surgery. Chicago-based ORA® Oral Surgery & Implant Studio is also dedicated to running their practice with a focus towards environmentally sustainable health care and is a leader in the dental industry in making a commitment to eco-conscious dentistry. In addition to the Making Medicine Mercury Free Award, the Chicago oral surgeon has been recognized with the Green Health Care Program’s Gold Star Award and has been gold certified by the Eco-Dentistry Association’s™ GreenDOC™ Dental Certification Program. All of these awards recognize the dedication that Dr. Koos and ORA® have shown in making their practice a model in sustainability. ORA® is also a proud contributing partner of the World Health Organization’s Mercury-Free Health Care campaign.

Dr. Steven Koos and his Chicago Oral surgery practice, ORA® Oral Surgery & Implant Studio, are committed to practicing environmentally conscious dentistry. From the elimination of mercury within his practice to the use of sustainable techniques and technology, ORA® serves as a role model for environmentally friendly dentistry and hopes to inspire by example.