greenestbusiness-awardThe Alliance for a Greener South Loop diligently works to make Chicago’s South Loop a greener place to live, work, and play. They engage South Loop individuals, businesses, buildings, and city agencies so that we all “tread more lightly on the earth.”

The Alliance for a Greener South Loop bestows a competitive award for the “Greenest Business” in Chicago’s South Loop. ORA® Oral Surgery & Implant Studio has proudly won this coveted award. At ORA®, we continually strive to expand our CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) program to improve sustainability efforts that directly affect and enhance the wonderful Chicago South Loop community where our business resides.

At ORA®, we have taken countless measures to reduce our carbon footprint, thereby endorsing The Alliance for a Greener South Loop’s desire to “tread more lightly on the earth”. As the first and only completely green Chicago Oral Surgery facility in the nation where every detail counts to us, we choose to lead by example and hope that our comprehensive, eco-friendly practices will eventually become adopted by other oral surgery and dental practices throughout Chicago. greenawardad