Nobel Biocare is the world leader in dental implant technology and is quickly becoming a household name synonymous with unrivaled implant excellence and aesthetics. At ORA® we are proud to be partners with Nobel Biocare as well as Premier Providers for all of their innovative implant solutions.

NobelGuide™ is a revolutionary treatment planning and surgical implementation system from Nobel Biocare that inCorporates 3-D CT scans, sophisticated computer CAD-CAM software, and biomedical engineering; all coming together to enable the oral surgeon to carry out implant procedures with unrivaled accuracy and ease and to provide patients with the best implant experience for practically all types of tooth replacement needs.

Major patient benefits:

Increased Predictability and Safety

By planning your treatment and transforming this into a surgicaltemplate there is a higher degree of safety and predictability compared to “freehand” implant placement.

Minimally Invasive Procedures

This treatment method reduces discomfort and swelling considerably for our patients compared to conventional treatment. The new concept also reduces the number and duration of appointments for our patients, which means fewer interruptions in everyday life.

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