CleanMed is an annual global conference focused on environmentally sustainable health care. This international conference plays a crucial role in catalyzing environmental improvements in the health care sector. The conference draws a diverse mix of over 600 health care leaders, materials/ purchasing managers, environmental health & safety staff, doctors, nurses and providers, architects, designers, and medical and building product vendors from across the globe.

Each year at the CleanMed Conference a set of prestigious Environmental Excellence Awards are presented by Practice Greenhealth. The awards program is designed to recognize and reward pioneering organizations whose environmental programs are well established and who are leading the healthcare sector with innovative projects.

The Clinic Partner for Change Award recognizes Clinic and Health Centers that have “greened” their operations. The clinic and health center applicants include stand alone outpatient facilities such as community clinics, medical, psychiatric and dental clinics, and health centers. The award recipient must demonstrate a significant recycling program, a waste reduction plan, and that they have begun reducing mercury (or never had it) and have implemented a number of other successful pollution prevention programs. ORA® Oral Surgery & Implant Studio has had the exceptional distinction of not only receiving the Clinic Partner For Change Award for Environmental Excellence but also for being the first Dental Surgical Facility to be awarded this honor.