At ORA® Oral Surgery & Implant Studio the concept of sustainability is engrained within the fabric of our practice.  We not only constructed our facility from the ground up as a sustainable, green project, but we also comprehensively practice Green Healthcare.  We are always striving to inCorporate as many environmentally conscious practices as possible so that we can lead by example to transform the dental industry.

The reduction or elimination of greenhouse gas emissions has proven to be a key focus for environmentally conscious businesses around the world.  We utilized the U.S. EPA “Office Carbon Footprint Tool” version 1.2 to calculate our greenhouse gas emissions at ORA® and we made a commitment to officially offset over 200 metric tons annually through an organization called Terrapass, which is over twice our actual carbon footprint.

But we did not stop there. As of 2011, we also utilize only 100% green, renewable wind energy to power our building. This is what truly makes the biggest difference in eliminating our greenhouse gas emissions and advances our mission to deliver the very best green healthcare available.