Hu-Friedy is a global company that was founded over 100 years ago and is a leading worldwide instrument manufacturer and dental solutions supplier. Since 1908 Hu-Friedy has been putting the highest quality, innovative dental products in the hands of dental professionals worldwide. And today as one of the world’s leading dental instrument companies they continue their commitment to advancing dental performance by supporting these products with world class service, support, education and peer communities.  With locations in Leiman, Germany; Shanghai, China; Tokyo, Japan; Rotterdam, Netherlands; Chicago, Illinois, their reach is truly international.

Chicago, Illinois oral surgeon, Dr. Steven Koos is one of a select few clinicians appointed as a Hu-Freidy Thought Leader.  He has been characterized as a – “National Trendsetter” within their Implants and Surgical sections.  A National Trendsetter is a Hu-Friedy Thought Leader who is very well recognized in the industry with consistent engagements across North America.  National Thought Leaders lecture regularly at major conventions and their name is easily associated with their field of expertise.

Steven Koos DDS, MD joins a select group of opinion leaders at Hu-Friedy who help influence new innovations and the development of dental products within the industry. The individuals who have been chosen to partake in the Thought Leader community have names that are very recognizable and their work is renowned. They are, after all, the leaders of the dental community.

Additionally, ORA Oral Surgery & Implant Studio’s sustainability efforts are in direct alignment with Hu-Friedy’s instrument recycling program – Environdent™.  This advances the field of eco-friendly dentistry ® and further solidifies a natural partnership between Dr.Koos and Hu-Friedy.